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Sat. Jul 9th 2016
June 2016

Aging American Flags ReplacedLast year, as the members of the Fire Department were taking down the American flags after the 4...

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Fri. May 27th 2016
May 2016

Mock Crash Performed for CVU StudentsOn Thursday May 5th, firefighters, EMT’s  and police officers from Hinesburg ...

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Sat. Apr 9th 2016
April 2016

TrainingEven though the number of calls in March was about ten below our average monthly call volume, as emergency responders...

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Welcome To The  Official Website Of The Hinesburg Fire Department


 Mission Statement

Our plan and goal is to assure the citizens of Hinesburg that fire, rescue and medical services provided by the Hinesburg Fire Department will continue to be of the highest quality in order to meet our community's expectations of the greatest level of protection and care at a reasonable expense.

Bystander CPR

In a cardiac emergency, time is critical.  The sooner CPR is started, the better the chance of survival.  Bystander CPR can be effective in keeping blood flow to the body until emergency responders can arrive on scene.

Are you interested in learning CPR?  Would you business like to host a CPR class for your employees? 

Please email and one of our instructors will contact you with more information.


Are you interested in helping others?

Firefighting is more than putting on special equipment, a mask and running into a building with a hose to put out a fire. There is a lot that needs to be done when we are at a scene. Whether it is pulling equipment off the engines; putting up ladders; assisting EMTs with patients; or traffic control

Are you interested in learning more or becoming a member? Email us at or stop by the station. We train every Wednesday starting at 7:00pm.


                                        OUR CAPITAL PLAN



please remember to call our dispatch center at 

985 8051 for burn permits





 ISO Explained  Click Link Below


For 911 Address Signs please call 482 2455 and leave a message or click the Contact us link on this site










Monthly Fire Safety Tip

Be sure to call for a permit before burning any brush or leaves.


Never Forget

Upcoming Events
Every 1st Wednesday
Every 3rd Monday
Every 2nd Wednesday
Sat. Oct 1st 2016
10:30am - 2:00pm
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The Hinesburg Fire Department
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