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Good Luck John LymanWe want to give a tremendous congratulations and thank you to Lieutenant John Lyman, upon his retirement from the Hinesburg Fire Department on June 1. Lt Lyman has served the Depar...
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Call LogThere were 23 medical calls and 15 persons transported.Apr 3 9:32am Fire alarm, 10212 Rte. 116 Kinney Drugs. Unknown causeApr 5 5:09pm Gas spill into a brook on Hemlock Rd St George. A residen...
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Joint Department TrainingOn April 2nd, members of the Hinesburg and Charlotte Fire Departments held a joint pump operations training in Charlotte. Senior firefighters, under the direction of the Charl...
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Burn Permit FAQ

 How do I get a burn permit ?

       This is done by contacting Shelburne Dispatch Center @ 985 8051 and remember to be kind and courteous they are providing a very valuable service to the town of Hinesburg at no cost. Also the determination of weather a permit is issued is not up to Shelburne Dispatch Center they will only issue at the discretion of the fire warden.


What can I burn ?

Any natural vegetation i.e. tree, brush and grass are fine. You are also allowed to burn untreated wood products which means wood that has no paint or wood that is not pressure treated. Household trash is not permitted for burning under the state of Vermont clean air act (Sec. 1. 24 V.S.A. § 2201)


 It is very Important never leave a burn unattended it can spread very quickly and do a lot damage to property both your own and your neighbors.



 Any one found to be violating these rules for burning may have their permits  revoked and be refused future permits and could face a possible fine up to 500$ under State Clean Air act (Sec. 1. 24 V.S.A. § 2201)


Can I burn at night ?

All the rules laid out above apply to both Day and night time burns with a couple of additions for nighttime burning

  You will need to call for a permit before 8PM

  The fire must be compleatly extinguished when you retire for the evening


Anyone burning without a permit will be asked to put the fire out if the fire is not put out the Hinesburg fire department will send a truck to put the fire out and the person responsible may have future permits refused


All fires need to be in a open area away from houses and other structures and should not be placed next to roadways as they can cause a distraction to passing drivers


Can I Burn  brush if I live  in a Trailer Park?

Yes, but only in a contained ourdoor fireplace or covered burn pit


Any fires deemed unsafe with or with out a permit will be put out.


If a fire gets out of control do not hesitate to call 911


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