News Headlines
Sun. Jun 20th 2021
Chief Barber –43 Years of ServiceCongratulations and thank you to Chief Al Barber for over 50 years in the fire service, over 40 years with Hinesburg and over 20 years as Hinesburg Fire Chief.Al...
Fri. May 28th 2021
Ambulance Design FinalizedAfter weeks of looking at ambulances from surrounding services, a trip by four members to Maine, and reviewing and tweaking specification prints, HFD members have finalized t...
Sat. Apr 24th 2021
Smoke in Basement Call Quickly EscalatesJust after 1pm, April 14, Hinesburg Fire was dispatched to Martel Lane in ST George for a report of smoke in the basement of a home. Dispatch reported the resi...
Sat. Mar 27th 2021
Call LogMedical – HFD responded to 22 medical calls with 19 patients transported.There were 2 non-injury motor vehicle crashes.Feb 6: As reported last month, Hinesburg was dispatched to a repor...
Fri. Feb 26th 2021
Smoke Coming from EavesAt 10:54am Saturday, Feb 6, Hinesburg Fire was dispatched to a residence on Swamp Rd. A passerby called 911 reporting grey smoke coming from the eaves.Chief Barber responded di...

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Congratulations and thank you to Chief Al Barber for over 50 years in the fire service, over 40 years with Hinesburg and over 20 years as Hinesburg Fire Chief.

Mission Statement

Our plan and goal is to assure the citizens of Hinesburg that fire, rescue and medical services provided by the Hinesburg Fire Department will be of the highest quality in order to meet our community's expectations.




Are you interested in helping others?

please click for Hinesburg Fire Department Application for Membership

Would you like to make new friends and help others in your community?  Would you like to learn more about emergency medical services or firefighting?  Then we would like to meet you.

The Hinesburg Fire Department responds to approximately 500 calls for service each year.  Whether it is helping with cleanup after a storm, investigating an alarm sounding, treating an injured person, or fighting a fire, we are there to help. 

Interested in learning about Emergency Medical Service? Hinesburg will be hosting a fall Emergency Medical Technician class.  The class will be in the late fall.  More details to follow.

Maybe you are interested in firefighting.  Firefighting is more than putting on special equipment, a mask, and running into a building with a hose to put out a fire.  There is a lot that needs to be done when we are at a scene.  Whether is it pulling equipment off the engines; putting up ladders; assisting EMT’s with patients; or traffic control.

If you would like to know more or are interested in the course, please stop by the Hinesburg Fire Station any Wednesday evening or email


please remember to call our dispatch center at 

985 8051 for burn permits





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For 911 Address Signs please call 482-2455 and leave a message or Email us with "Address Sign" as the subject at

Please let us know if you will need a post (Free of Charge) or if you have a place you would like to mount your sign.

















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