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Sun. Jun 20th 2021
Chief Barber –43 Years of ServiceCongratulations and thank you to Chief Al Barber for over 50 years in the fire service, over 40 years with Hinesburg and over 20 years as Hinesburg Fire Chief.Al...
Fri. May 28th 2021
Ambulance Design FinalizedAfter weeks of looking at ambulances from surrounding services, a trip by four members to Maine, and reviewing and tweaking specification prints, HFD members have finalized t...
Sat. Apr 24th 2021
Smoke in Basement Call Quickly EscalatesJust after 1pm, April 14, Hinesburg Fire was dispatched to Martel Lane in ST George for a report of smoke in the basement of a home. Dispatch reported the resi...
Sat. Mar 27th 2021
Call LogMedical – HFD responded to 22 medical calls with 19 patients transported.There were 2 non-injury motor vehicle crashes.Feb 6: As reported last month, Hinesburg was dispatched to a repor...
Fri. Feb 26th 2021
Smoke Coming from EavesAt 10:54am Saturday, Feb 6, Hinesburg Fire was dispatched to a residence on Swamp Rd. A passerby called 911 reporting grey smoke coming from the eaves.Chief Barber responded di...
April 2021
Sat. Apr 24th 2021

Smoke in Basement Call Quickly Escalates

Just after 1pm, April 14, Hinesburg Fire was dispatched to Martel Lane in ST George for a report of smoke in the basement of a home.  Dispatch reported the residents were evacuating and there was a lot of black smoke in the basement.   A second tone was transmitted for Hinesburg and mutual aid was requested from Williston.  Saint Michael’s Rescue was automatically dispatched on the fire alarm.

The first fire officer on scene reported heavy smoke coming from the residence, with flames visible through a basement window.  The alarm was upgraded to a working structure fire bringing additional mutual aid from Monkton, Starksboro, Shelburne and Richmond.  A ladder was special called by command bringing South Burlington and Essex ladders.

Hinesburg and Williston Engines arrived on scene and started fire attack at the rear of the home.  The basement window where the fire was initially scene had broken by this time, and flames quickly extended up the outside of the residence.  As windows continued to break, the wind allowed the fire to quickly spread to the entire home.  Fire crews went into a defensive attack, keeping the fire confined to the structure, and preventing it from spreading to a nearby garage and the fire apparatus.

About two hours after initial fire attack, the structure collapsed into the basement, leaving two chimneys and one wall standing. 

The State Fire Marshall’s office was requested to the scene to investigate for a possible cause.  The initial investigation determined the fire started in a corner of the basement, in the area of the electrical panel.

An excavator was called to knock down the remaining structure and move the debris around to extinguish any remaining hot spots.

Command started to release mutual aid companies shortly before 6:00p.  All departments cleared the scene by 7:58p. There were no injuries to the residents or responders.

We would like to thank our mutual aid partners mentioned earlier for their quick response and great effort in attacking this quick moving fire.

Call Log

Medical.  There were 20 medical calls which includes 15 transports

Mar 1: Fire Alarm at Lyman Meadows.  Nothing found. Possible faulty detector

Mar 2: Dispatched to Charlotte Rd near Stella Rd for a report of a vehicle that hit a tree that had fallen across the road.  There were no injuries.  The vehicle was towed by Giroux’s.  Hinesburg Hwy was contacted to assist with removal of the tree.  Eng. 3, Med 100 and four members responded.

Mar 4:  Dispatched at 6:05am to Dynamite Hill for a report of smoke in the basement.  Based upon the report from the caller, Shelburne automatically toned a working incident for Hinesburg and mutual aid from Richmond, Starksboro and Williston.  Chief Barber responded directly to the scene.  The basement was filled with smoke, with a light smoke condition on the main floor.  Chief Barber determined there was no fire. 

Engine 3 and Med 100 were requested to the address, located at the top of Dynamite Hill.  All other apparatus was held on Pond Road.   Additional members responded to the home by POV, bringing an exhaust fan from Engine 1.

The residence was cleared of the smoke.  It was determined to be caused by a furnace malfunction.

We would like to thank Hinesburg Highway for their quick response and sanding the road, and our mutual aid partners.  Even with the road sanded by Hinesburg Highway, Engine 3 which is our only four wheel drive vehicle, was able to make it to the residence.

All responding departments cleared the scene shortly after 7:00am.

Mar 7: HFD was dispatched to the area of 3046 Baldwin Rd for a report of a possible explosion.  Upon arrival in the area, there was no indication of fire or an explosion.  Further conversation with an area resident, it was reported that a “fireball” was scene crossing the sky West to East.  It was later determined to have been the meteor which crossed over our area.

Mar 10: Residential fire alarm on Silver Street.  Nothing found. 

Mar 10: Tree removed from across the road on Windswept Way

Mar 14: Dispatched to Mt Pritchard Rd, St George for possible ill effects from CO.  There was no CO found in the residence.  It was determined to be a medical situation.

Mar 21: HFD was dispatched at 5:05pm for a report of hikers lost on the Lewis Creek Trails.  The hikers were located near the Gilman Rd access lot.  A local resident and former member of the department responded with his side by side to bring the hikers to the lot.  From there, they were transported to their vehicle which was parked in the lot on Lewis Creek Rd.

Mar 22: Dispatched to Clover Lane for a dumpster fire.  The fire was contained to the dumpster.  Engines 1, 2, 3, Tanker 1, Med 100 responded with 9 members.

Mar 22: Residential fire alarm on Wood Run.  Nothing found.

Mar 26:  Dispatched to Ledgewood Lane for a possible fire hazard from a washer machine.  Chief Barber responded direct to the scene.  The machine was disconnected, and no hazard was found.

Mar 26: Engine requested mutual aid to Shelburne.

Mar 27: Residential fire alarm on Farmall DR.  Possible faulty detector.

Mar 27: Dispatched to a report of a 2-car crash, with one car on its side, on Charlotte Rd near Leavensworth.  The operator of the vehicle on its side was assisted out of the vehicle by bystanders.  The operator was treated for minor injuries and transported to UVMMC by St. Michaels.  There were no injuries in the second vehicle, which had minor damage and was able to drive away.  The first vehicle was removed by Giroux’s.  Engine 1 and Engine 3 responded with 11 members.

March 29: Engine requested mutual aid to Shelburne.

Welcome, Congratulations and Good Luck

In the past few months, we have welcomed approximately 12 new members to HFD, several who are joining to become EMS certified.  There are six currently enrolled in EMS courses, and a few more who will be starting class soon.

We would like to congratulate our members who have recently passed their EMS courses and received their EMS certifications.

Good luck to those members who are completing their classes and exams over the next few weeks, and to those members who will be starting their EMS classes soon.

Ambulance Update

During the past several weeks, Hinesburg members have been obtaining information and doing research on ambulances.  We have visited with local services looking at their ambulances and learning things they like, do not like, and would do different. 

On Thursday April 15, four members took a field trip to Damariscotta Maine to meet with a service which operates ambulances built by the two manufactures we have received bids from.  It was a very worthwhile trip as it allowed us to view ambulances from both companies’ side by side, comparing the chassis, boxes, and interior layout, as well as find out the good and the bad. 

During the week of April 19th, HFD members will be meeting to adjust the ambulance specifications and requesting updated quotes from both manufacturers.  Our hope is to have a final decision and be ready to purchase by the end of April.

At the monthly meeting of EMS District 3, the Hinesburg Ambulance license was discussed and approved.  The license is now being sent to the State EMS office for review.   

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118 entries in the News

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